Attractive bungalow for sale in Jambiani village
on the southern east coast of Zanzibar

Description of the property

The property is situated right at the beachfront overlooking the turquoise, warm Indian Ocean. The size is approx. 25m wide and 35m deep.
On the plot, there are two buildings and a pump house with a 2000 liter water tank.

The houses are built from coral stone and lime mixed with cement. Many rebars are put into the walls in preparation for a second floor. The advantages of coral stone walls are soundproof rooms and no echo, both of which one does not find in rooms with walls made from concrete blocks.

Window frames and doors are made from hardwood.

The houses

In the first house, there are two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms as well as a storage/wardrobe with entrance from one bedroom. Both rooms are ocean facing and have their own front door. Running along the front of the house is a huge shaded porch of approx. 40 sqm with great views of the ocean. This has been used as a living/dining “room”.

In the second house, there is a kitchen with hardwood counters. Beside the kitchen there is a room planned as a bedroom with separate entrance and terrace overlooking the ocean. Behind the bedroom and kitchen, there are space for an ensuite bathroom as well as a storage. The bedroom, bathroom and storage has been used for storage/workshop but can easily be transformed to the original plan. There is also a 20’ container outside this house that can be removed and placed elsewhere, or sold.

Both houses are prepared for and have the possibility of a second floor, or roof top terrace(s). They could also easily be joined together. This will give another 2-5 bedrooms depending on the design, all rooms fronting the ocean.

The total living area including porch is approx.135 square meter. There is possibility for extension by adding a second floor, with the total living area adding up to 270 square meter.

Additional information

The garden is nice with many flowers and a sun parasol where it is possible to enjoy one’s privacy.

The water supply is good, even when it is little water in the village, because of the intelligent pump system that has been installed. There is one fuse box with automatic fuses and 100A main switch. Two phase 220V. Hot water in the bathrooms.

Last year, both houses were painted inside and outside. The makuti (palm leaf) roof of the first house will have to be changed.
There is internet connection to both Zanzinet and Zantel, as well as an antenna for connection to Zanlink.

The property is situated in Mchangani area in the southern part of Jambiani, just 60 meters north of Coco Beach hotel. Inside the village behind the bungalow there is a stop for the local bus, the Jambiani Post Office, as well as several shops. The location of the beach property is excellent because, different from many other beach plots in Jambiani (especially the northern part), there is no erosion. This is measured since many years. Approx. 800m outside the property lies a pristine sandbank where it is possible to sunbathe and swim when the tide is low.

Google Earth position: Latitude 6.19.978 S - Longitude 39.33.178E

Title deed

There is a full title deed for the plot, i.e. a lease with the Government of 33 years from 2001. After that, the lease is renewable. The lease is in my name only, no local partner. Lease $80 per year every first of July. According to a local lawyer, it is possible to transfer the lease to another person, be it a foreigner or a Zanzibari. The name and contact details of the lawyer will be given on request.

From experience, we know that the property has a very good rental potential.